Our Story


wine-wallpapers_24578_1600x1200Centeur Imports LLC was created by Brian and Jana Green to import wine and mead from Central Europe.  More than ten years ago, before they met, Brian had been traveling and working around Central Europe and had the opportunity to sample many fine Slovak, Czech, Austrian, and Hungarian wines and mead, and found himself wondering “Why isn’t anyone importing this stuff to America?” Brian assumed that it was just a matter of time. After Brian and Jana were married in 2008 they realized that the time was ripe to build the bridge from Central Europe to bring some of the unique and exquisite wines and mead into the USA.  After officially establishing our business in 2013, we now have a line of delicious wines available from Slovakia, and are working diligently to expand our product line to include more wines and mead from the Czech Republic and Hungary.